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Auto Dealers Must Register with IRS to Receive Advance Clean Vehicle Credit

To submit time-of-sale reports and receive advance payments of the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit, auto dealers and sellers must register their business with IRS Energy Credits Online. Dealers and sellers must use this tool to submit all time-of-sale reports for vehicles placed in service in 2024 and future years.

How to register

To register or access a previously registered business, dealers and sellers can go to IRS Energy Credits Online. The step-by-step instructions found in IRS Pub 5867, guide them through the process to register, submit time-of-sale reports and enter advance payment information. It may take 15 days or longer for the registration to process.

Once registered, dealers and sellers must use this tool to enter time-of-sale reports and provide the buyer certain required information that’s outlined in IRS Pub 5900.

What happens after registration

When a dealer successfully submits a time-of-sale report, the vehicle is eligible for the credit. A submission is successful when the dealer receives a copy of the report and a confirmation of acceptance by IRS Energy Credits Online. Buyers should use the copy of the report when they file their annual federal tax return.

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